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Get super relevant tenders delivered to your 📥 inbox, access tender documents 📁 with no portal madness and connect with some of the worlds most skilled ✍️ bid writers.
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Automate your Search
Our robots scour over 3,000 portals to find and match you with tenders.
Get Documents, fast
Request tender documents discreetly, without having to signup to hundreds of portal.
Bid writing - supercharged
Connect with professionals to submit your bids or join our community to help write your own.

Rocket your business to the next level with tender-as-a-service for only £150 a month 🚀

No matter if it's your first bid or one hundredth, OPPORTUNI saves your business time, reduces labour costs and increases your growth opportunities.
Its not just small businesses that receive tenders from OPPORTUNI

Some of the worlds best brands get tender alerts from us, so why don't you?


We connect all the dots between portals and SMEs writing bids.


We find you tenders
Our tech pours over thousands of portals and matches tenders to your business, almost like tinder for tenders.


Scope out the tender
You can express interest in a tender opportunity and receive the documents without signing up to another portal. There is over 3,000 of them.


Writing the bid - simplified
You can learn to write your bids within our community or request quotes and connect with professional bid writers to help submit your bid.
NEW - December 2020

Tech Nation Rising Star - Regional Winner

We’re delighted to have been chosen as one of the most exciting tech companies in North East, and officially one of the best in the country. Bring on the semi-finals! #WeAreTechNation
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On the app, in the dashboard or just reply to the emails 🤖 make it easy.

It's easy to interact with OPPORTUNIs tender-as-a-service, you can login to the dashboard or reply straight from your inbox with no logins required - smarty isn't it!
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All of our customers get access to resources, professional bid writers and more in our closed community groups.

Simple pricing, genius service

You should see our service as a long-term investment for your business growth prospects. Tender sourcing is quick but bidding can be slow but we're with you all the way to the end.
Pay Monthly
£ 150
per month
We don't split our features so its the same great service, just splitting the cost!
£ 1,500
per year
12 months for the price of 10 AND access to a skilled bid writer to review your bid for free.
Hire a human instead?
£ 30k
to hire someone
on PAYE 😬
This is the true cost of hiring someone full time to do what we're doing for just £150pm
  • Tender Alerts to your Inbox
  • Access to Tender Documents
  • Access to our communities
  • Access to Apps (coming soon)
  • Get Bid Writing Quotes
  • Online Help Resources
Access a professional bid writer that can review a bid you've written to ensure its the best it can be. Limited to half a days work. Applies only to tenders sourced through OPPORTUNI and is redeemable anytime within the 12 months subject to scheduling availability.
  • All the benefits of OPPO Monthly plus:
  • 1 Free Bid Review Voucher**
  • To visit every one of the 3,000+ tender portals in the UK for just 1 minute each would take nearly 58 hours.

    The average annual wage of a Bid Coordinator in the UK being £30,362.
  • No Tender alerts from us
  • Thousands of portal logins
  • No free bid winners materials
  • No access to our members area

Founder 50 Program

Don't just use our service, own part of it. The Founder 50 Program allows up to fifty customers to own a total of 2% of OPPORTUNI AI Ltd and still receive the great benefits of an annual subscription.

For £1,500 (no VAT on capital) you receive one impressive share (0.04% of the company) and can benefit from our growth over the next few years.

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